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Happy Thanksgiving, but not for all

by Patricia Hawkins

Homeless Veterans

Happy Thanksgiving, but not for all

How can we stop our Soldiers and other service members from descending from their proud uniforms to the homeless with their plastic bags outside the Greyhound Bus Station? Remember, only about half of recent vets go to the VA. This number is higher than ever before. But it still means that at least half get there care through other means. Or get no care. Or end up on the streets.

There are veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, celebrating Thanksgiving today on the streets. As you prepare to feast, don't forget to thank them. And don't forget to help, if you can.

It’s a tough message for a holiday celebration, but one that’s likely needed given the recent news showing the continued disconnect between veterans and Americans who never served. Read the full piece over at Time’s Battleland web site.

Posted Nov 24, 2011 by Patricia Hawkins

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